Bargains, Beads, and Blankets!

Melinda Smith

Choosing the right product can sometimes feel like (ahem) a weighty decision. There are a lots of weighted blankets out there to choose from: bargain blankets, thin or thick, duvet covers or not, glass vs plastic beads, small or large--it's dizzying! Knowing what to look for when doing your research can be tough. I considered all these things (and more!) when designing my blanket, so if it helps I'll explain why I make them the way I do.

Before I even started this business, I had friends tell me they ordered online and received a blanket of poor fabric, or the stitching didn't last, or all of the beads (the weight of the blanket) would shift to one side. My own first attempt for my youngest son was with an old pillowcase and the stitching and fabric barely lasted a month in his active arms!

So first, about the contents: I prefer to weight my blankets with small non-toxic, BPA-Free poly beads like the ones pictured here.   Since they aren't glass, I'm not worried about any shards from accidentally crushed beads. There are larger, heavier beads out there, but these smaller ones hit the sweet spot of being large enough to stay put in their pockets, and also not be felt too much through the blanket material. They are evenly distributed into individually sewn pockets throughout the blanket along with safe polyfill stuffing to provide a comfortable pad. Inside, my blankets are lined with sturdy cotton muslin. The weight is distributed--comfortably and securely! That's also why I don't put my blankets in duvet covers. I found the blanket would sag and shift from the weight inside of the duvet. So instead, I've made my blankets strong enough to wash and dry, which is the main reason for the duvet approach.

You certainly can find cheaper one-size-fits-all weighted blankets in numerous discount stores too, and I don't begrudge anyone a good bargain! But I'd make sure you are not comprising quality, or customer service, or getting the right product for your needs!  Part of my business is to educate consumers and help them choose the right weight, size, and fabric that fits their needs. And who doesn't love being able to pick out their own personalized color and design! It is important to me to make sure you get the right blanket for you, that it will last for years to come, and that you have an enjoyable experience doing so. 


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