About us

Welcome! I am Melinda Smith, owner and co-founder of Weighted Works.  I worked as a nurse for nine years and started training for half-marathons after my children were born.  Between the long hours on my feet and the long-distance running, the discomfort in my legs would often make it difficult to sleep.  I was constantly seeking something to soothe them.  I found by applying weight and pressure to my legs, I not only found relief, but also a sense of calm.  After years of piling pillows and blankets on myself, I heard about weighted blankets. A seminar on sensory integration shed light on the sensory issues I have dealt with my whole life.  Sensory Processing Disorder SPD just wasn't a thing when I was a child.  I can remember being uncomfortable in jeans, wool, and polyester clothes.  My youngest son was experiencing a lot of the same sensory needs, so I made both him a weighted blanket and found it to be a remarkable improvement.  Friends started asking for me to make blankets for their families.  A good friend and sensory specialist helped with product design, and even integrated my weighted lap pads and neck wraps in presentations to teachers and parents.  The joy in making these products and the positive feedback gave birth to Weighted Works.  It has been an enriching journey learning to create these wonderful products that bring so much comfort to others!



 Hi! I'm Tracey Feathers.









 After a long and successful career as a television meteorologist, I decided to stay at home with my two children.  I took this time to work on providing a healthy lifestyle for myself and family.  Surviving a devastating car accident in 2003 left me with chronic pain, but also a valuable lesson: make the most of everyday and appreciate the important things in life.  For me, that's my family, friends, and giving back to the community.  I have experienced the benefits of weighted blankets and lap pads in my own family and am excited to share them with others.  I consider myself fortunate to be able to help create products that will bring comfort to others.