Blanket Weight Chart

Kids: 10% of body weight plus a pound or two.

Adults: 10% of ideal  body weight plus a pound or two.

Feel free to add more weight if the user likes a lot of pressure.  Consult with OT for appropriate weight if working with one.

Body Weight Blanket Weight
30-50 lbs 4-7 lbs
50-70 lbs 6-9 lbs
70-90 lbs 8-11 lbs
90-110 lbs 10-13 lbs
110-130 lbs 12-15 lbs
130-150 lbs 14-17 lbs
150-170 lbs 16-19 lbs
170-190 lbs 18-21 lbs
190 lbs + please contact for sizing


*We are not physicians or licensed OTs.  These are general guidelines for choosing weight for blankets and not to be a substitute for medical treatment.