"These blankets are amazing.  Sleeping under one creates incredible feelings of calm and security.  My sleep has improved dramatically and the peaceful feelings of the night carry over into my day.  I've been so delighted with my blanket that I bought two more as gifts.  I truly love these beautifully handcrafted blankets!" 

-- Maureen B.

 "I'm thrilled to have found these blankets!  I purchased a weighted blanket for my daughter (age 9) and she absolutely loves it!  It has become her best sleeping buddy and helps her to peacefully fall asleep.  Weighted Works is boutique quality with custom choices including luxury fabric options, sizes, and weight.  We could not be happier with our blanket!  Thanks Melinda for sharing your wonderful creativity, design skills, and thoughtful care you put into your end product."

-- Brenna S.

 "Wagner loves his weighted neck pad and lap pad!  Thank you.  Great quality and super soft."

-- Kristy D.

"My 6 year old often gets wiggly in his school classroom. But as soon as he gets out his weighted lap pad, it refocuses his attention and he gets his work done."

-- Holli A.

"As a preschool teacher, I am always looking for items that will help children relax their bodies and not be a distraction.  I bought the weighted lap pad and I absolutely love it!  One of my students is in constant need of sensory stimulation and often becomes a distraction for him, as well as the other children who sit near him.  When I gave him the lap pad to use during meeting time, his need for sensory stimulation drastically decreased.  Instead of poking and touching his friends on the rug, he was very content with the weighted lap pad.  Best of all, it wasn't a distraction for him or the other students around him.  I also love how I can take off the cover to wash it again and again.  Thank you!!!"

--Susie B. , Preschool Teacher

"I loved the lap pad my mom got so much that asked her for a full size one for me to sleep with.  The blanket makes me feel relaxed, calm, soft, and warm.  I sleep best when I sleep with it.  I have told all my and friends about it and they want on too!"

--Anna B. , 10 years old